Normal Service being disrupted

Wednesday, December 01, 2010 3:04 pm By BigLig

The blog is going to be all over the place today. First, I'm retooling the theme again: I wanted something plainer.

However, the biggest disruption to normal service is that I am PUBLICLY COMITTING to writing on my blog every day in December.
The reason is that I have decided there are seven important new habits I'd like to acquire, and one of them is writing every day. Acquiring this is a solved problem. The others will not be so easy.

I suppose this is a reaction to the spectacular failure of this years NaNoWriMo attempt - even worse than last years this time. I have some ideas about how to do better next year and one of those is writing every day. I also need to work on writing longer form pieces. Thats really the problem, I burn through my ideas at short story length, and when I try longer works it falls apart.

I also shut down my two other blogs - the material I was posting there can easily be rolled into here. One more bit of administrivia: just found a hideous bug in my new iOS blogging software, hurrah! When you save an online draft it fires off the Twitter and Facebook notification process.

That was all very meta: we can only hope and pray that I get less boring as the days of December pass by.

Lastly, this week's "Oh dear god, how can I be this old?" moment. James Darren, who played Jim Corrigan in TJ Hooker, is Seventy Four years old. You remember him, his character was Heather Lockyear's partner. The one who was obviously older than Adrian Zmed, but not so much that he can be Seventy-Four without the inevitable conclusion that I am a very old man.

Of course, the fact that i'm talking about TJ Hooker in the first place is all the clue anyone needs to conclude that.