Why modern life is fantastic.

Sunday, September 27, 2009 11:27 pm By BigLig , In

While I'm very proud to be a geek, there is one minor issue.

You see, I happen to be a - mostly lapsed - member of the special category known as the "Math Geek". Now, it's irritating enough that this uses outrageously American spelling, but the worst of it is that we are all supposed to like Bach. Yes, yes, he used numerical sequences in his work. Heard of rhythm? It's maths, and they all bloomin' well used it, but as part of their art.

And you know what takes the biscuit in all this? I do like Bach.

So, why modern life is fantastic: Herbert von Karjaran. Conducting Bach's Mass in B Minor. With the Vienna Philharmonic - who had to use the beautiful assumed name "Orchester der Gesellshaft der Musikfreunde in Wien" because of office politics! Elisabeth Schwarzkopf singing the Soprano. It's even recorded in Abbey Road!

Surely such an exquisite recording costs a King's ransom? Or could it be just £3.16 on Amazon MP3? I paid the money before starting this post, and the music will be on my iPod before I finish it.



hraabhraab said...

That's interesting, as I only discovered recently that the German for Vienna is Wein. Enjoy the Mass!
"Wien Wien du kennst michab kennst mich down
du kennst mich
nur Wien nur Wien
du nur allein wohin sind deine Frauen!"

11:43 pm
hraabhraab said...

In German, it must be i before e as well - Wien!

11:48 pm