I just can't stop watching this...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009 10:58 pm By BigLig , In

I mean, it's just... I think it... oh for goodness sake, just watch the bloomin' thing, will you?

They didn't rehearse the bit near the end where they jump over each other down the staircase: they just knew what they wanted, and did it.


hraabhraab said...

Wow! Never seen anything as acrobatic as this before! I also like the way it looks genuinely dangerous; they must have been rehearsed to perfection. When I watch clips of Wilson, Kepple and Betty, I'm surprised how simple they're approach is, but the Nicholas Brothers were the real deal. The difference between Music Hall and Vaudeville, I guess.

11:31 pm
BigLig said...

If anyone tells Gregory Hines that Michael Jackson was the worlds greatest dancer, apparently he hits them with a copy of this video until they stop.

8:26 pm