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I thought it might be interesting to share a list of ten "famous" people I've seen over the years, and what they were up to at the time.

I think it only fair not to include people who I saw just because they were working, so Her Majesty the Queen, Mayor Boris Johnson, Elvira, and Baron Bingham of Cornhill, KG, PC, QC, FBA are sadly missing from this list.
  • Jo Brand, who was ordering a curry.
  • Paul Daniels, who was trying to run me over in his car.
  • Geoffrey Howe, who was eating dinner.
  • Michael Jackson, who was behind me in the queue in WH Smiths. I have long since become accustomed to the fact that no-one will ever believe this, or even consider it plausible.
  • Ben Kingsley, who was going to Venice on the train.
  • Michael Portillo, who was trying to run me over in his official ministerial car. Actually, as a taxpayer, technically he was trying to run me over in MY car.
  • Phillip Schofeld, who was trying to run me over in his car. It says much about his qualities that he alone, upon realising he had missed, took the time to reverse and try again.
  • Shaun Scott, who was having a pint. He was in the Bill! Yes, I know everyone's been in the Bill, but he was an Inspector and everything.
  • Antony Worrall-Thompson, who was evaluating carrots in Waitrose.
  • Paula Yates, who was buying shoes.
I also saw an incredibly famous footballer once, having a jewellery store closed, but despite who he was being explained to me for at least 20 minutes I still haven't the faintest idea which one it was.


hraabhraab said...

Of course, Paul Daniels was one of the original celebrity geeks. If I recall correctly, he had an Atari 800 in the early '80s. Plus he had a disk drive, plus he had a modem. I recall the article in C&VG. I wonder if he still has his original Atari 800. From the picture on Wikipedia, it looks like it has fairly indestructible build quality. The next time he passes over you in his car, please ask.

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