Too tired to think of a snappy title.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008 3:21 pm By BigLig

Looong walk today, west along Whitby sands. Beautiful but tiring. Had a “Graham” moment – scrambled up a brambly hill to see what was on top of it, found a golf course so tried to head back the way I came, and fell down the hill. Twice.
Second time I stepped into an unseen rabbit hole and two thoughts were clear in my mind: “My hat just came off” and “I should probably try and fall in such a way that I don't break my leg”.
I'm battered but unharmed and back home now with a medicinal Gin and Tonic. I think I'll sit vert quiet and still for a while until my body forgives me for this unusually violent exercise, then gingerly stroll into town for Fish and Chips. I deserve it today!


Silvia said...

ah Graham...

3:52 pm