I have a burning question

Wednesday, November 19, 2008 11:42 am By BigLig

I was a bit weary last night after all that walking, so instead of going to the pub I popped my frozen dinner in the microwave, opened a half bottle of wine, rummaged thru the collection of CDs provided with the flat (the sort that come free with newspapers) and had a bath.
That all sounds a bit girly, doesn't it? But I put extra pepper sauce on the frozen dinner! Manly! And I was reading Alan Clark's diary, not some glossy magazine! Extra manly!
Curious discovery – the free CDs that come with newspapers fill out the space after the advertised tracks with strange stuff I've never heard of. Do new bands pay them to put stuff on the Cd in the hope of inspiring record sales? But it's all got nothing to do with the headlining band – different styles completely. Wish my EEE had a CD-ROM drive so I could rip them to my iPod.
Unsure what to do today. I have on my list of things to possibly do a long walk over the cliffs to the next bay, but it looks very long on the crude maps I have, and I don't have a proper map. I also planned a trip to Scarborough but I like Whitby so much I'd sooner sit here and look at the sea from the cliff tops. Maybe that's the best thing to do.
Looked at my photos from yesterday. A few good ones. A few surprises. Quite a few that I'd love to try HDR on. I wonder how you do that? Lock the camera down with a tripod and snap at a range of exposures, I guess, then feed them into the Mac. I wonder how locked down it has to be? I do actually have a little tripod with me – that might be enough. But you have to press quite a few buttons to change the Exposure compensation on the Fuji... If I can find somewhere with free wifi tomorrow I'll take the Eee out for a pint/coffee and google it.
Remind me again how I was alive before you could “just google it”?
[Next Day]
Went for a walk to the chemists this morning (allergy medicine – I'm sneezing for about an hour after I get up!) and noticed a lovely looking path heading North up the coast (not South, which is where the walk I mentioned yesterday went) so back home to get my walking shoes, a water bottle, and an emergency mars bar and then I'm off. Not used my day sack once, because it turns out I'm too unfit to get far enough to need it. I'm enjoying my holiday but it's bringing home how hopelessly out of shape I am.
Lastly, that question. Why do so many shops here sell ukuleles?


Rhiannon said...

Question: How does one open a half bottle of wine?

3:44 pm