Last day in Whitby

Thursday, November 20, 2008 8:52 pm By BigLig

Had a lazy lie-in this morning, felt a little guilty wasting the daylight, but made up with it by taking a long walk round the back of town. There's an ugly road bridge that let's heavy traffic cross the Esk, that has fascinated me - it's very high. Got some nice pictures of the whole town.
By which point I was starving, so a hearty lunch of fish - you're meant to eat the local kippers with bread and jam (the sweet clears the palate of the smokiness). Yum.
A climb up to the abbey helped burn off the jam. I don't like heights, but perversely this makes them fascinating to me. Got a photo of my terror that should look good.
Then home and a coffee in front of the telly. Again, in a sense that's a waste of the day, but I'm learning how to take a holiday, and veging out is an important part.
After the telly got boring, took a walk down to listen to the sea in the dark. I think that's been my favorite - walking along the pier with the waves smashing against it below me. There are fishermen who go out onto a second pier that extends beyond the harbor, with dry suits and headlamps.
And of course I find a nice pub on the last night. Oh well. I need a break from the boozing after this holiday to loose some weight before I come back, so it's good that my final pint is a good one.
I have an hour now before the supermerkets close, so I'll grab something for supper, head back to the flat and pack my bags.