Physical Impressions before turning it on.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007 11:01 am By BigLig

There's a guy, in cupertino somewhere, who spent a month designing the polystyrene inserts inside the Macbook box
The whole thing is like that. There are little hooks that pop out of the power supply so you can werap the cord round it.
It's very slim, very minimalist. Surprisingly heavy, which I guess is because it is made out of metal instead of plastic.
I have taken my watch and ID badge off because I'm scared I'll scrape it. Ahem.
Business observation: no docking station. I have just plugged in the following: Gigabit Ethernet, USB hub with my external mouse (Microsoft, why do you ask?) on it, External monitor, Power, and my Firewire drive. That could get tedious if I have to do it every day. Of course, I might find I don't need the external monitor, and I have WiFi everywhere I go. I could get the wireless mighty mouse and apple keyboard. There's rumours that people have figured out a way to make Time Machine talk to a NAS device. So, there are workarounds.
Keyboard is nice. there's only one mouse button, heh!
Screen is more reflective than my (also turned off) external LCD panels, but let's see what it's like when it's turned on.
Say, turning it on, that sounds like it could be fun!