First power-up

Tuesday, November 13, 2007 11:09 am By BigLig

One last physical thing before booting it up, my external mouse is filthy! So I've cleaned it before using it on the new Mac. Hmm, that's quite sad.
Powering it on... A nervous few seconds before the "Bong". Tradition is nice.
Apple logo, spinning sunflower wait cursor, blue screen (on both monitors), mouse cursor, external mouse is already working, beachball, display is gorgeous, Use English as the main language, shit, it's got Tiger on it!
A desperate lunge for the CD box, and phew, there's a copy of Leopard in there.
Oooh, and a Tiger DVD, I wonder if I could get the old G3 running with that? I'd need a DVD drive for it, of course... Anyhow, never mind that rubbish.
Oh, the delight as it turns on the iSight camera and asks me to take a photo of myself for the logon page..
Hmmm, a lot of updates needed, I suppose it's safest to install those, then do the Tiger install. 130Mb for aperture is a lot... Wait, I have Aperture installed?
Spend the time waiting for the upgrade wiping my Firewire hard disk ready for Time Machine, and downloading a few of the FOSS packages I've found while waiting.
That doesn't take all that long so I start working on moving my iTunes music over from my Dell.
Another post when I have something to tell!