Yet Another Linux Attempt

Friday, July 14, 2006 12:54 pm By BigLig

I'm going to have yet another go at putting Linux on my notebook. This time, I'm going to start by putting myself in a position where it is not important if I break the notebook, by dusting off my old desktop computer and installing that as my main work machine. (The fact that I now have enough video cards and LCD flat panel displays to make a sweet triple-head setup has no bearing on these facts.) A clean install of XP is going on this baby right now.
One problem with this arrangement is that because I've stuffed my desktop with video cards I have no room left for my Firewire card, which is a pity as I had plans to use firewire to make a sort of sync cable for my laptop, so that I could move data very fast from laptop to desktop.
I might pull one video card temporarily and put the firewire in to get all my data onto the new main machine - all my real data lives on servers, it's my itunes directory that takes gigs of space to move across.
Of course, I could just use Ethernet, but I still haven't got over how much I paid for a firewire cable back when it was new, and so I dislike having a setup that doesn't use it.