Just had a brainwave

Thursday, July 06, 2006 11:29 pm By BigLig

I love FireFox, but the search textbox in the toolbar is too darn small.

I tried the Google toolbar for a while, but that has the bad habit of often forcing an autocomplete on me against my will. e.g. I search for "cheese pie", decide next to search for "cheese dip", type cheese into the search box, and then it autocompletes to "cheese pie". Unacepptable.

I recently got hold of the Searchbar Autosizer extension from http://xeen.reversestudios.com/?page=autosizer and while it works well, that wasn't what I wanted either - I like the search bar over to the left, and when it autosizes it moves everything else on that toolbar and I can't automatically find it.

I should mention that my bookmarks toolbar is just a series of buttons with no text for the websites I visit daily - which is why all web sites should install an icon. So if you move it, it confuses me.

Well, finally I had a brainwave. The Searchbar Autosizer has parameters to set the minimum and maximum size for the box to shrink/stretch to. Set them both to the same value, and the searchbar is locked at that length. Voila! My search box is now exactly as wide as I want it to be.

OK, it's no Grand Unified Theory, but it's pleased me on a Thursday night.