Early fun with Compiz

Saturday, July 22, 2006 2:32 am By BigLig

For a laugh I did the necessary apt-get's to install xgl and compiz and made a .Xsession file to load it.

To my surprise, it more or less works. There's a lot of crashes when loading Gnome - I think some other window manager is loading too and fighting with compiz. But once you get it going, most of the effects are there.

I only have onboard intel graphics, so many of them don't look great (I'm talking to you, wobble)

However cube/rotate (which gets to a second workspace by rotating a 3D cube with your desktops on it) and scale (which is a copy of Expose on the Mac) both work very well, and those are what I want.

I'm very pleased with this. It needs tuning (and for the moment I've delted that .Xsession so there are no crashes on login) but my hardware is up what I ask of it, so I reckon I'm going to be able to get this working.