First Linux stuff-up!

Sunday, July 23, 2006 1:04 am By BigLig

Yes, I broke my Linux install. My own fault, I started messing about to make Compiz work and ended up with an invisible mouse pointer and the whole screen about a centimetre too low. I haven't got any data on the machine yet, so it seemed simplest to blow it away and reinstall. Then do a lot of research on Compiz.

Problem is that the whole thing is so complicated that no-one seems to have an easy to understand guide; there are plenty of places that rattle off a string of commands, but without knowing what is happenning I can't fix it if it breaks. Also the strings of commands are different everywhere you look. Take it easy and make sure I can roll back every change seems to be the needed trick.

Anyhow, I have other stuff to worry about before I try and make Compiz work: I need pptp working so I can dial in, and I'd like to get either WINE or VMWare going so I can use Internet Explorer and Netsupport on rare occasions when they are needed.