More small pieces

Friday, July 21, 2006 11:03 pm By BigLig

After any new OS install there's a long period of hunting down all the little tweaks and utilities you need. With Ubuntu, of course, I only have a vague idea of what it is I need. The unofficial Ubuntu guide is a good place to start. Easy Ubuntu sounds a little less extreme than Automatix, so I use that to put various questionable codecs in place.

What else... I always like to have a copy of VLC about the place because it'll play anything - never failed me yet. I usually use XNView for managing picture files, but I don't like the UI in Linux, so I'll try a copy of Picassa instead. Ethereal is something I always like to get on my laptop, if only because when I need it the netwrok is usually broke. ;-) I'll need PPTP so I can VPN into the office, so I'm installing that, but it looks like it needs a bit of concentration to configure, and I'm too hot to concentrate.

I'm interested in stretching my integrated graphics card to it's limits - it may not be enough for Compiz etc. but I'll try to get tuxracer running.

After all that my windows sysadmin instincts press for a reboot, but I'm going to try and resist.