There's no such time!

Tuesday, December 07, 2010 9:08 pm By BigLig

The alarm went off at seven this morning, as usual, but, fed up with running late every morning, I refused to do my usual trick of turning the Today program off and going back to sleep for "five minutes". I quite like slowly coming awake while John Humpries et al drone on in the background: the risk is always that some story will come on that sends me into a rage.
Nothing too bad today, although the usual raft of stories of people saying "I know there's no money left, but that can't possibly apply to me, because I need the money." fair enough: many of the things today sound quite good and the sort of thing my tax should reasonably be for, but I think before complaining you have to find something that costs as much as what you want to do, and campaign to have their money taken away and given to you instead.
After an hour of lying in bed pondering these deep concepts the Today program is cut off suddenly, a signal that I really need to get out of bed. At the same time my MacBook wakes up. I've never figured out why: I suspect it's Time Machine or something like that.