What have I done to deserve this?

Saturday, November 15, 2008 10:00 pm By BigLig

My second loaner (Fujitsu Finepix J70) won't charge either - slot the battery in the charger and nothing happens. No light, no charging, nothing. Inconceivable!

Since I refuse to go on my holiday without a camera, my options are:
  • Go to Basingstoke AGAIN tomorrow. AGAIN!
  • Crudely jam the battery into my Optio A40 charger and watch as the extra 150 milliamps both shorten it's lifespan considerably and fill it up double quick.
Of course, option 2 is totally immoral, and I would never do that. One could argue that I'm morally justified as a) Two days of going to basingstoke mean I've not had time for the trip into London I usually like to have on a holiday and b) I'll be punished by having a crappy Finepix camera while I'm away. But as a founder member of the Belfast Royal Academy Philosophical Society, these sort of moral dilemmas are all part of a days work.