The glamour of Newport Pagnell Services

Monday, November 17, 2008 11:46 am By BigLig , In

First stop on the holiday is at Newport Pagnell services for a loo break and an over-priced fry-up. When I was growing up in Northern Ireland places in England like Newport Pagnell were exotic and unimaginably far away. Perhaps less interesting when you're actually here, although of course I'm sure the actual town is nicer than the services.

The nice lady who served my breakfast (gave me extra toast to make up for my usual refusal of the included beans and grilled tomatoes) asked if I was a traveller. Since I'm in a cafe you can only reach by driving 26 miles down a motorway, that threw me for a moment. I think maybe she meant traveller in the hippy meaning. Must be this darn hat and coat, although I'm in preppy jeans and polo shirt underneath it!

I'm running about half an hour late but since I'm done with lunch now (wolfed it down – should have had dinner yesterday I guess) I should make it up in shorter meal breaks.

Also need to remember to unload the camera from my bag. I doubt I'll get any decent shots from a moving car but I would have liked to snap amazon's huge warehouse that I passed 20 miles ago. Apart from that, and a convoy of army land rovers heading North like me, so far this trip has just been boring motorway slogging. Which is of course the plan: going I want to get there ASAP, but coming back I have time to take the more scenic routes.


Silvia said...

I'm glad to here you are finally getting started! Be safe and do take as many pictures as possible. You know me...I find all things English fascinating. :)

5:50 pm