This post is out-of-order

Tuesday, November 18, 2008 5:44 pm By BigLig

It's out of order since I have an earlier post half-written on the laptop - and also it's sent from my blackberry. Don't worry, I turned off the mail alerts, I'm not back on the grid just yet. I thought I might like to make a post while enjoying a quick pint in town, so had to reactivate the smartphone. Only 300 unread emails, they're slipping at work.
I'd include a photo of my pint but the camera's gone funny again. You'll have to wait until I get home for a picassa gallery of all my boozing!
A beautiful sunny day today, spent wandering around Whitby. The sea is stunning - the views incredible. Very glad I came. Got some good photos I think, even with the substitute camera. See now why it's a good thing to have Exposure Compensation on an easy to reach dial.
Found the place I was originally considering staying - it turns out to be a basement with not so much a view of the river but a view of the carpark by the river. Seems to be much better staying on the west side and crossing to visit the abbey and the grape (alleys full of tiny shops, so called because before street lighting they were a popular place to go for a grope.)
I was particularly amazed at how many Goth shops there are. I guess they must come here in huge numbers for the windswept Gothic romance of standing where Dracula took Lucy. I've only seen one Goth the whole time though, which is surprising since you'd think Autumn would be the time they'd come. Summer's not very Gothic, after all.
Pubs are all open but deserted - although maybe I'm visiting them at the wrong time like the Goths do. It seems that the more locals there are in a pub the rougher it looks. I'm treading the fine line between "rough" and "tourist trap".
So I think I'll pop home via the co-op, cook some dinner, and head out again to try for a pint in a pub with customers.