Safe and sound

Monday, November 17, 2008 5:33 pm By BigLig

Safe in my holiday flat with plentiful supplies of toast and whisky. The motorway part of the journey was boring: crossing the moors was the opposite. The fog came down and I couldn't see a thing. That was bad enough, but then I noticed that on the left hand side the fog was below the car... doubtless it was some spectacular cliff.
Luckily the fog lifted as I reached the Esk valley; just in time for the terrifying 20% incline on the road down to cross the river.
By the time I'd caught my breath I'd climbed the other side of the valley and got my first distant glimpse of the Abbey – pretty amazing even from that distance.
After a bit of palaver (I've never been good at parling under pressure) I got the keys and found the flat.
It's lovely, and I'm very glad I went for this one in the end. Small, but with a decent kitchen and living room, a nice big telly, and all sorts of lovely touches, like a bottle of wine and a pint of milk in the fridge, an umbrella in the corner, some ice already made for my whisky,
Clocks everywhere though – nine is the latest count and I may find more as the evening progresses.
Now I'm refreshed (well, there are a lot of stairs up to the flat and I had a heavy suitcase) I'll go for an explore, I think. I have a 2 mile walk around Whitby printed out but I think I'll wait until tomorrow morning to try that as it's already very dark. A good pint of Yorkshire beer and something simple to eat is what I'm after.