I may have to review my "one strike and your out" rule for coffee shops.

Saturday, November 29, 2008 11:46 am By BigLig , In , ,

Sorry, bit of a rant today.
I'm not an ogre, I don't mind if a coffee shop makes a mistake or has a bad day. It's just when they are stupid.
Walking into work this morning I went past the new Costa which has opened on the route - taking over the whole first floor of the local cinema. Their first day, so you expect it might be a little crowded but I thought I'd give them a try.
They weren't crowded in front of the counter, which was good. Almost as many staff as customers, in fact. However, one difference: while most of the customers had probably been in a coffee shop before, none of the staff had.
They didn't have Cinnamon syrup, they took 10 minutes to make my coffee, and they did it with whole, not skim milk, and by then I was already late, so I got a refund.
Now I know what you're thinking, first day opening, give em a break. And I would, except that the above was not down to first day, it was down to them being *idiots*.
Take the syrup. Not only did they not have any, none of the staff KNEW they had any. Which tells us that either they didn't do a stock take before the first day of opening, or possibly worse, that they did so but didn't tell the team that they were out of Cinnamon.
It took them so long becuase they were very disorganized - it didn't occur to them, for example, that if you have a bad backlog then you need to put the barista in front of the machine and have everyone else keep the hell out of his way. No-one taking charge, although the "store manager" and the "barista" and someone who looked like they were from head office were there.
As the last straw, none of those three people were authorized to open the till for my refund, so I had to wait another 5 minutes for them to get the cinema manager down. I mean, if you've ever opened a new store before, you'd realise that things are going to go wrong and you probably need someone with the codes for the till there!
I mean, obviously, they've just using retrained cinema staff to save money, but for gods sake, don't Costa have the brains to send an experienced Store manager in for the first day to help out? How much would that cost, a couple of hundered quid?
And if they're so dumb they never had anyone write a page of A4 with "things to watch out for on the first day you open" then you gotta wonder how good their procedures for not confusing the rat poison with the icing sugar are.
So, that's Costsa out, Starbucks out (went there every day for a month, they screwed my order up, and it never even occured to anyone ot apologse once. If they hate their regulars that much why should I go back?) and coffee Republic out (I cannot concieve how you can accidentally serve a cup of luke-warm coffee in a coffee shop).
I'm not sure there's anywhere left...