Exhausting day

Friday, January 25, 2008 12:02 am By BigLig

Such a long time since my last entry - I was never any good at keeping a diary, so that shouldn't be a surprise. Spent to day ripping out the comms room of the old Bracknel office we got when we bought Cantata. Horrible filthy job: at lunch time I had to run round to Morrissons and buy a bottle of water so at least I could wash my hands. Morissons cheapest, 42p a bottle. But I made up for this by buying Halford's most expensive wire cutters. I have simple ones in my tool kit, but today I had to cut about 100 ethernet cables to get the Bracknell PBX out intact so that CSG could have it for their lab.

Enjoyable fight at lunch: elderly couple waking through the own centre (one of the worst in England, you know) with their dog, another dog, not on a lead, starts a fight; man in wheelchair comes out of Italian cafe and calls the dog back to him; elderly couple shout "it should be on a lead"; which leads to a torrent of violent, foul mouthed abuse from the wheelchair man.

Reading Michael Palin's diaries, which rather explains my chatty nonsense above.