Some key presses to learn

Monday, November 19, 2007 3:12 pm By BigLig

Arrow keys are the ones that are giving me the most gyp:
Left, Right move one character
Up, down move one line
CTRL+ Arrow Invokes Spaces and switch to a different desktop (this is the one that bites me!!)
ALT+Left, Right Move one word at a time (what I am trying to do with CTRL+Left, Right)
Alt+Up, Down Move to beginning/end of the current paragraph.
Apple+Left, Right Move to beginning/end of the current line.
Apple+Up, Down Move to the top/bottom of the document.

Apple+X, C, V Cut, Copy, Paste
Apple+O open selected file (also bites me because...)
Enter rename selected file
Apple+Delete Delete File

Coolest keypress so far: Ctrl+Apple+D when you have a word selected looks that word up in the dictionary!!