Small things

Saturday, November 17, 2007 3:45 pm By BigLig

It's rather strange, transitioning to the Mac... so many learned behaviours (CTRL+Left Arrow to jump back a word is the wort) to undo. Whups, just did it again!

I'm getting much more used to Safari, I think the trick to it may be to get into the habit of not using tabs quite as much - still use them but also use opening in a new window.
I just found a link to a brilliant idea. Stacks, the new way of putting folders into the Dock in Leopard, are cute, but they have a problem - all you see in the dock is the contents of the folder (actually you see the first icon with the second icon peeping out from behind it. It's ugly and doesn't tell you what's in the folder very well - especially the downloads folder since that changes all the time.
The fix? Go here and download the two zip files full of icons of labeled plastic boxes; drop the appropriate ones into each folder. Their names begin with spaces so they are first in alphabetical order, and you can type
touch -mt 202001010101.01 " Downloads "
or whatever in each folder to set the modify date so far in the future that they are always first in "most recent file" order.
It looks really good.