Issue with PPTP networking

Tuesday, November 13, 2007 9:03 pm By BigLig

Been so busy this evening, little time to do anything of much interest with the Macbook. 

PPTP is a mixed bag so far. First, it's a little obscure to find - you have to go into system preference, networking, and click the plus sign to add a new connection. Second, although it connects very quickly, there's some issue with DNS name resolution, it's not resolving with the DNS server it gets from the VPN connection, which is silly default behavior. I'll have to google a solution from somewhere. However, it looks like once it is working it will be very neat and easy to use.
Also, I need a cheat sheet for the keyboard commands. I keep getting the modifier keys wrong! I know I can reprogram them to copy Windows, but that isn't the way I want to go - I want to learn OSX on it's own terms.