Computer Annoyances

Thursday, April 27, 2006 1:27 am By BigLig

We'll set aside for the moment my 30 minutes of desperate frustration the other day I spent discovering that Microsoft's Intellimouse software had "Magnifier" mapped to one of the mouse button's I don't use.
What I want to rant about is the "Do not ask me this again" check box. Why don't more applications have them?

Example in point, iTunes Art Importer. Lovely piece of software, but every time I tell it to overwrite the new art onto the album I am working with, it asks me if I'm sure. Well, let me see, I'm using software designed to write art to iTunes, and before starting I hit the check-box saying that it should overwrite any old art before hand... Yeah, pretty sure you don't need to be asking me that for every single one of the 300 albums on my PC.