Latest addiction

Thursday, March 16, 2006 10:15 pm By BigLig

Something that started as an idle amusement but has now come to be a fascinating diversion. I have installed the Google Pack Screensaver - which basically you point at a folder, and it displays the images in that folder as if they were polaroids thrown on a table. There are lots of these sorts of screen savers about.
Well, I decided that I would point it at a folder which I would then populate with things that I like. Google Image search can produce a picture of anything you can think of, so the source is easy - it's thinking of all the things I love and like that is the fun.
So far, to my amazement, I have 258 images in my folder... my secret of life is revealed, I'm having a fabulous time.
It really is a fabulous exercise, and doubtless some day when I'm bored with it I can start a folder of things I hate.