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Thursday, March 16, 2006 10:20 pm By BigLig

Been a while since I posted one of these...
Train, by Sonya Kitchell, is a lovely jazz song, with an edge to the lyrics, that makes it more than another Nora Jones clone. I must find more of her stuff.
Oh, and I'm dabling with using the theme tune to The IT Crowd as my mobile ring tone, so if you see me in the street, wrestle me to the ground and shout "No!".
Interesting, my experience of The IT Crowd, when it was trailed on Channel Four I thought that it wouldn't be for me for some reason (although I enjoy the work of everyone involved tha tI've heard of) so I didn't watch it. Then Cory Doctorow raved about it, so I decided I would give it a look. (Downloading from Bitorrent is legal if you're just timeshifting, isn't it?)
I've enjoyed it immensely, so Cory gets some Whuffie for that. If you ever find a commentator on the internet whose taste you agree with, hold onto them desperately.
Hell, even if you only slightly agree with them. I find that about 98% of the music Warren Ellis recommends I hate, but the other 2% is some of the best stuff I have ever heard. And when it's free on the internet then you don't mind that so much.
When it comes to buying a full CD though... I remeber hearing a track from Cindy Lee Berryhill's "Naked Movie Star" on the radio that I loved; bought the album; hated every other track. A gamble; but then again I've had such success with my "now and again buy a really cheap album you never heard of, on the basis of the cover" has worked tremendously well for me.