Sesquipedalian, moi?

Friday, December 10, 2010 12:11 am By BigLig

Well, by most measures today has been an abject failure, but I did buy my Secret Santa gift for work much easier than I thought I would, and I did genuinely and correctly use the word "sesquipedalian" in an email, so it wasn't a failure by all measures. Sometimes that's all you can hope for.

Most of my failures are of no interest to anyone, although I was interested to find that I am no longer excited by the blackberry flapjacks at my favourite cafe. I thought that was too powerful and exciting a love to fade. It was the yogurt topping that got me in the end. While you're looking up sesquipedalian on Wikipedia, can you find out what yogurt topping is made out of as well? You'd think with a name like that it would be made of, well, you know, but that doesn't seem very plausible....