Moving to Snow Leopard Part 1 - Backup

Friday, September 18, 2009 1:27 pm By BigLig , In , , ,

So, I got my shiny new Snow Leopard DVD last weekend, and now it's time to upgrade.
First Cardinal Virtue of the sysadmin being Paranoia, I begin with some backups.

Backup #1
I already have Time Machine backing me up to one half of my 512Gb External USB hard disk, so I make sure that is up to date.
Backup #2
I use the essential Carbon Copy Cloner to clone my Mac's Hard drive to the other half of my 512Gb USB disk. This has the advantage of being bootable, so in the event of any trouble I can just boot my Mac with the apple key held down and I'm back to Leopard with everything in place.
Backup #3
I use Carbon Copy Cloner to make a second clone of my Mac to a Disk Image saved on my other external USB hard disk, the mostly empty 1Tb I'm planning to use to store Media backups on.
Backup #4
I copy my User folder to the 1Tb disk as well. Since I plan to build a new clean Snow Leopard install, rather than upgrade in place, this will be where I go and get my data from to copy it back.
Backup #5
More a theoretical backup than an actual action, but all my really critical data (apart from media) has copies in the cloud, via Google, Evernote, and DropBox.

I'm pausing now to think if there's any way I can make a sixth backup. What can I say - I'm very virtuous.