I always seem to use the eeePC in starbucks

Saturday, July 26, 2008 3:06 pm By BigLig

I upgraded my ancient PCMCIA 3G data card frm Vodafone to the latest USB version: turns out it works in the eee out of the box. So, no need to have a different wiFi account for every coffee shop: 3G speeds are all you need for browsing or blogging or checking your email.
I'm surprised that so far I've kept the eee very close to stock. I put a couple of bits of software on it (I love apt-get!) but otherwise, firefox and openoffice are all I need. I'm surprised how useable I'm finding Evolution now: never got on with it before.
The keyboard is plenty useable, especially with my two finger style, I was finding it awkward in the last paragraph but figured out it was because I
m squeezed into a tiny corner table and while it has room for the eee, it doesn't have room for my elbows.
At some point I suppose I'll get a 4Gb SDHC card and puit Windows XP on it, but for the moment it seems to do everything I need. Every disadvantage of the small size is totally overwhelmed by the fact that I can carry it in my bag and literally not notice the weight.