Another burst of tech-blogging coming up

Saturday, July 05, 2008 1:31 pm By BigLig

I broke down and got a new toy; An Asus eeePC.
Celeron 900MHz, 512Mb RAM, 4Gb hard disk, 7" screen. Lowest spec computer on the high street. Why buy it? It's about an inch bigger than my old Psion, it costs less than it did at the time (£200!) but it's a full laptop.
So far just very early playing; I've found out how to get a shell (CTRL+ALT+T), gotten hold of a menu editor so I can rearrange the files, tested the browser (works great; BBC iPlayer is fine, all the google apps of course - I'm writing this on the device, I tried a flash game on kongregate and it was a little slow but could be
I picked a heavy game) and tried apt-get, my old favorite.