Twitter thoughts

Monday, April 21, 2008 1:24 am By BigLig

I seem to be getting into Twitter a lot lately. Think I'm starting to get my head round it: as I tweeted recently, when someone explains Twitter to you it sounds utterly pointless.

But... if I think about how I handle blogs. I have my blogs in Google Reader and I go in a few times a day and page thru them, in the Scoble style, seeing what catches my eye. And of course I have my own blog, and occasionally I post something myself when I think of something interesting (at least to me!) to say.

Twitter is similar except that the 140 character limit means it's small enough to keep in an open window on one of my screens and glance over to it. I've always found those RSS readers that live in the Vista sidebar or similar to be pointless, because all you have room for is a title and a few words, and I hate clicking through. But Twitter is small enough to take the whole thing in at a glance. It's like speed blog reading...

The secret then, will be in following interesting people. I follow some of the usual suspects, but I just had an idea to go look at the public timeline and see who looks interesting. and do: and a look at their linked blogs agrees that they might well be, so I'm following them to see what they have to say. If I do this say once a week I'll probably overload twitter before long, but it seems worth the experiment.

Of course all this theorising is slightly moot when Twitter keeps going wrong, but hey - any excuse to use the word "moot" in a sentence cant be all bad.


Rhi said...

Oh crap. The pressure is on! You think I look interesting? You've never been more wrong about anything in your entire life :)

1:57 am