Photoblogging Trial: Denville Station

Saturday, February 16, 2008 4:00 pm By BigLig

I thought that since I'm sneaking off for a day in New York, it might make a good test of using the Blackberry camera to photoblog.

Of course, all the cool kids these days are into streaming vidoe blogs, but I'm a corporate IT drone, we aspire to paranoic conservatism.

Slightly regretting giving the shuttle bus driver a tip, since he took me to Denville station, ensuring I miss my train since I was assuming Morris Plains. Been hiding in a CVS pharmacy for 45 minutes to keep warm!

As you can see, Denville is very beautiful; everyone assumes New Jersey is Jersey City, but they call it the Garden state for a reason.

Local kids sleighing down the hill leading to the railway line - can that be entirely safe?


Kristina said...

It is really very good=)

4:23 pm