I'm a ramblin' man

Tuesday, February 12, 2008 1:07 pm By BigLig

Off to New Jersey for work. I quite like it over here, very cold at the moment, but the bare trees have a stark look about them that I enjoy.

Hotel sucks but that's what you get when you book last minute. I'll be back in a month - and I'll try and get a spot in my favorite hotel for then. It's my favorite because it has a kitchen and a mall you can walk to, so instead of having to go to the hotel retaurant (if you even have one - my current flop house only has a fridge filled with $12 plates of out-of-date salad) you can have a beer and a microwaved pizza in front of the tv, which is essentially all I want when my body clock is this confused.

Experimenting this trip with going to bed early and getting up early, to see if I can not fully reset the clock, and so not have to work so hard on my return to get back to normal.