9 hours wait, then 8 hours flight, and I'll be home!!

Monday, February 18, 2008 4:51 pm By BigLig

Switching to small photos, since I just realised how huge the one's I have been sending are.
The New York photoblog worked fine as a test but I didn't generate much content. Story of my artificial life, really.
Thanks to my miscalculation today is President's day and of course the office is closed, so I'm spending the day at the airport.
I'm going to try and get switched to an earlier flight, although I haven't much hope and as you can see the BA desk is deserted for some reason. I guess the next flight isn't for 6 hours so not much reason to man the desks.
I should go get some lunch while I wait - bit of a pain lugging my bags around.
Wait though, isn't that a trolley in that picture?