I need a rebooty

Wednesday, December 13, 2006 2:10 pm By BigLig

I'm now running with a new laptop, a Dell D820. Since it has a real video card in it, time to have another go at Linux.

So much work goes into these, and in the short term it's wasted as I always end up back in Windows, but I do believe that it is a morally correct choice to use free software, so I guess long term it is worth it.

So, begin by resizing my 100Gb disk into a 60 for Windows and a 40 for Linux. The EXTfs driver for Windows should allow me to avoid the old headache of trying to have a FAT32 partition for sharing files.

It takes a while because gparted is convinced I have hibernated my windows, not shut it down, even though this is not true. I fix it by hibernating, coming out of hibernation, disabling hibernation, and shutting down.

One a base Ubuntu is installed, I copy over my bookmarks, install tab mix pro, and do an apt-get dist-upgrade. (Well, I use the built in synaptic, actually.)

At some point in this my mouse stops working.. just the MS Intellimouse Pro, the trackpad and nipple in the laptop are still fine. could just be coincidence, so I pop in a spare USB mouse to tide me over.

OK, now back to previous posts to see what is next. I'll probably take a shortcut and run automatix or similar to put the media codecs etc. in.