Tuesday, August 01, 2006 5:32 am By BigLig

While my display under Ubuntu looks very nice, there seemed to be something subtly wrong; alternate lines of text seemed to be brighter. Then, while re-running Compiz after the latest updates from QuinnStorm (still no good but we live in hope) I accidentally started the Gnome Screen Resolution setting utility. All this time I've been on 1280x1024! This is of course a known problem with Intel adaptors, they use a non-standard resolution of 1400x1050 and X gets confused. sudo apt-get install 855resolution does the trick, and these days is so nicely packaged that you don;t even have to configure it; I just restarted X and I was in the new resolution.

I'll have to run with this for a while, everything looks very sharp - in fact I wonder if the fonts are too sharp, and if I might end up having to tweak the antialiasing. But more pixels=better, I always think.

And now I have to go retest Compiz, since I just changed something about my display. We live in hope. Actually we live in frustration; the effects all work (well, not water but that's known to be dodgy on underpowered hardware), it's just broken when I'm not using an effect.