First problem resolved

Friday, July 21, 2006 5:34 pm By BigLig

After the reboot, my laptop is using the DNS server I want it to, down the wired network. Since the default gateway is still pointing to wireless, looks like a reboot was all that was needed, or possibly just a re-acquire of my DHCP address.

Next I wanted to move another file across (my firefox bookmarks), and usually I'd start editing smb.conf and defining mount points and all that, but one thing I want to do with this install is check out what comes built-in. Going to Places, Network Servers gets me connected to my desktop with ridiculous ease. This is great stuff; I'm of course a little sad that all that hard earned skill wrestling with smbmount is no longer needed, but I've got my bookmarks file installed in practically no time at all, so I'll grin and bear it. Extensions will have to be next, pity FEBE won't help me move them over (yet) but it's probably a good moment to clean out the cruft.

Oh, and I'd better load the mugshot client.