Death of a phone.

Saturday, June 10, 2006 12:27 am By BigLig

So, I'm de-consolidating my handheld.

Currently I have a Sony p910i , which suits me well. But work is making me switch to a Blackberry 7290. Since this can’t do all that the p910i can, it means I have to split apart into separate gadgets.

So, the BB is going to be my phone and my remote e-mail device. Since it is my phone, it has to have my contacts. In fact all my basic PIM functions are probably going to end up here, since it is a permanent wireless slave to Outlook, which is my real PIM.

Taking photos is going to go to my Samsung Digimax 201 camera, although if I get into using it I might see if Morgan can get me a SD-card based digital camera with an optical zoom. I’ll want to see lots of posts on flickr before I part with any money, though.

Music and Video is going to go to my iPod 5G, obviously. It handles video much better than my p910i did, not thru any hardware difference, but just because it is easy to take a video, squish it to iPod format, and drag it into iTunes.

That leaves e-books, games, and remote access to servers, and for that I think it is time to take my old Palm Tungsten C out of hiding. This will probably mean going back to Brighthand, cap in hand, for advice. Ho hum. (I used to be a Palm forum moderator there, now I’m not even a distant memory)At least, since I am not using it as a PIM, I don’t need to find my old CDs to make it sync with Outlook – I can just use the free Palm Desktop.

So, all of that, my wallet, keys, and hip flask – I’m going to need a stronger belt.