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Sunday, June 04, 2006 12:44 am By BigLig

“No No Never” by Texas Lightening, the German entry in this year’s Eurovision song Contest. It’s country and western music, so not very German, but I like it a lot. I’m probably over in Germany later this year, must see if I can pick up some of their albums. I’ve got a lot on my “To Buy” music list at the moment, now I have my new iPod (I didn’t mention it, but in the end the Mac Mini was just too much to spend right now, so I went with a 30Gb fifth generation iPod instead.

Actually, I seem to be disintegrating my P910i, despite the fact that an integrated device really suited me. First, the new iPod takes over my mobile music and video playback. And next week, in my capacity as Messaging admin, it looks like I’m going to have to start using a BlackBerry, so that I can support all out execs, who are being mandated to use them (somewhat reluctantly, mind)

The problems with this are:

  • The BB is, I suspect, going to turn out to be a sucky phone.
  • While the BB and the iPod can both handle eBooks, neither will be as good as the P910i was. Being able to cut+paste some text from the web into notepad, and then beam it to the P910i over Bluetooth, was very convenient.
  • I recently enjoyed using the dreadful P910i camera to document my trip to Den Haag ( if you’d like to see it) and this is something that I think I’d like to play with some more.

The BB is a superb remote e-mail device, but there’s no way to communicate with it other than by e-mail – so no mailing photos from a digital camera with it. Of course, there are tremendous advantages to push e-mail – I’m already thinking of what I can do with automated processes. For example, I have set up a test where I can e-mail things directly to my Task List.

I wonder, if some other companies BB Connect software were to accidentally be installed on my P910i, would it work in an unsupported sort of way? Hmmm.

This post, BTW, was written in the beta version of Microsoft Word 2007 and posted up with the new blog posting functionality.