Days Four and Five

Monday, March 06, 2006 4:17 pm By BigLig

I've got to keep up, else I'll forget! In fact I am forgetting!
A fillet of mackerel with 2 pieces of dry brown toast
A small cheese pizza.
And also far too much booze. A 33cl bottle of Sam Adnams beer at lunch. (To be fair, I usually have two bottles). A pint of cider. (Best beloved's fault for sending me out for fags!). Half a bottle of red wine. (To befair, usually it's a whole bottle. That sounds just as bad as it is.)

A fillet of mackerel with 2 pieces of dry brown toast (again! In fact, more than again, as it repeated on my all day) with 330ml of beer.
Quorn mince with Tesco spicy bean salad as a sort of instant artificial low fat chilli, with a baked spud. Very nice actually, once Best Beloved had spiced the bean salad up to something you can taste.
Half a bottle of red wine.

Also lots of cups of 1 calorie hot chocolate - Waitrose had a special offer on sachets of different flavours. White chocolate was horrible; cinnamon was interesting.

Found my self obsessively reading this and thinking about food. Not a good sign. (That site is full of strange stuff, BTW)