What I wanted for Christmas...

Sunday, January 15, 2006 11:27 pm By BigLig

Although I didn't get anything I wanted for Christmas, I should say that all the gifts were given with love and so are much appreciated. But Slashdot has now revealed to me what I really do want - an IBM Model M Space Saver Keyboard. Since they haven't made them in a decade, my chances are not good. But these seem to meet my criteria for a perfect keyboard; they are perfectly ordinary keyboards, but just don't have the numeric keypad. The keypad, for me, serves no purpose except to force my mouse 4 inches to far to the right.

The more modern options are both compromises - the Logitech di Novo is an insanely expensive unit that has a removeable numeric pad, and the Happy Hacker which moves CTRL in order to make it easier for EMACS users.

I'm almost recovered from my terrible cold, so back to blogging hopefully.