New initiatives

Monday, January 23, 2006 11:22 pm By BigLig

Well, almost recovered from my cold - I had one day of wellness and promptly caught another. I was much enlivened by a late Christmas Present - Nigel Slater's Kitchen Diaries, in which spirit I think I might blog a few of my own cooking attempts.
At the moment my cooking is awful because I have a deeply awful kitchen. Project "Move the hell away" may help this, but meantime:
At the weekend I made a rather tasty dish - a sort of lasagne but made with gnocchi instead of pasta. It worked really well. Make some gnocchi, some "bolognese" sauce, and some cheese sauce, and layer them in a dish (b,g,b,c was the order), before baking for half an hour.
We had it both days. Cold, it was equally tasty - although a bit too chewey.
I used no oil in making the "b" and this was a sucess - trusting the non-stick coating of my pans seems to be the lesson here. This is worth bearing in mind, in the past I've found cold lasagne to be too greasy.
Tonight I just fried chunks of free-range chicken, a handful of halved, tiny mushrooms, stirred in a jar of madras sauce and lots of rice. Very nice, although as always I screwed up the timings and had to wait ages for the rice to cook well enough.