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Friday, October 28, 2005 10:17 pm By BigLig

A pile of fabulous stuff.

First, from Warren Ellis' new apparat podcasts, Raiden Bathroom!, The Metasciences, Saint Eve. New one out tonight!

Secondly, a Night at the Hip Hopera from the Kleptones. I like my hip-hop with glam, rather than bling, it appears.

Thirdly, a few other bits that I seem to have downloaded without noticing, like the Arctic Monkeys and Electrum's nice cover of Army of Me. They think they're too loud for an oldie like me, but I'm one of those insane Kate Bush fans, and contrary to appearances we play it loud at every opportunity. New single from her out, too. I failed to notice both that and Quake IV - told you I needed a holiday.