What I'm using now as GTD tools.

Sunday, September 04, 2005 2:31 am By BigLig

My Collection tools are my e-mail inbox (accessed usually via MS Outlook), a cheap grey plastic intray, an envelope in my organizing binder (see below)
My Calendar tool is the calendar in Microsoft Outlook. I keep a printed calendar in my binder but it is only for working out what day a date is or how long I have until a given date and so on.
My List tool is paper sheets in my binder.

More information on the binder. It's a small 4-hole A4 ring binder. I keep some reference material in there, and an A4 pad at the back for meetings or situations when I have to sketch a diagram, but the main work area comprises two sets of A5 loose sheets, punched with two holes at the top, set side by side. Like so:

In use, you hold the A4 binder landscape, and when you open it you have two A5 portrait loose-leaf pads next to each other.
On the left hand pad, plain paper, so I can scribble stuff down and put it into the collection tool. On the right, pre-printed sheets for my lists. Very simple, just wide spaced lines for the items, with a check box to mark them done, and some boxes at the top for the context of the list (in GTD you mark your various ToDo lists with the context in which you can do them. for example, I have one called @Andy that contains all the things I need to do when on the phone with my boss.)
Both pads are made from a variety of different colored papers to make it look nicer.


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