Wednesday, August 03, 2005 11:01 pm By BigLig

My cunning plan to replace my mobile phone with a smartphone (cheaply) is unravelling... I had my eye on the Asus P505, which seems a good unit so far as I can tell, but it looks like I will not be getting as mad a discount on that.I say as far as I can tell as almost no-one seems to have reviewed it in much depth.
Worst of it is that today (before learning of the unravelling) I saw an insane discount on 512Mb SD cards from my memory card supplier and snapped it up without thinking. So that ties me into a unit with a full size SD slot - and since I am guaranteed that mad discount on a Sony Ericsson P910i this may have been premature.
Thing about the Sony is, you're paying two and a half times more for a 512Mb Memory Stick than I paid for that SD, because Sony stupidly thought that owning software would encourage sale of the hardware. Of course, the opposite happened - when you own the software, then you want DRM in the hardware - even though your customers do not - and as a result you hurt the hardware sales. When people think about pocekt music players these days, they think iPod. It just doesn't make sense. Playing music is not the main thing I want a smartphone for, but it's an important thing, because to me having a converged device should mean I'm not carrying any more electronics with me.
What now? A review of all my options. Perhaps I'll make a spreadsheet. Secretly, I think I enjoy making the spreadsheets more than I enjoy the new gadget.
Secretly, I think if you have a secret, blogging it may not be the best course.